Automated Social Lead Generation

Discover, reach out and nurture your leads at scale


Find your ideal customer

Smart filters allow you to search through tweets containing your keywords, #hashtags or @mentions and quickly identify as well as qualify prospects before making contact.

Search Bios

Looking for a CEO, Marketing Director, Personal Trainer or Therapist? Identify prospects by their job title and position within a company by searching their profile description.

Advanced Search

Refine your discovery by combining the power of tweet search and bio search in one multi query.

Looking for local business?

Using the location filter you can refine your search to find people and businesses in your local area.

Take your business global

Start rolling out your business worldwide one location at a time, helping your to easily manage you growth strategy.

Automate engagement with your prospects

Approve prospects to follow and engage with their most relevant tweet and start building a relationship.

Increase your visibility

When you like a prospects tweet they will be notified which increases the chance of them following you back.

Personalise your Direct Message

Increase your chance of response by adding your prospects first name and a customized message to let them know your genuine.

Generate Leads

Turn your prospects into instant leads by sending them to your website, white papers, or ebooks.

Save Templates

Speed up your outreach by using custom templates.

Optimize your campaign

Some keywords you use will gain more followers than others. TwitFlame keeps track, showing you which campaigns lead to the most new followers.

See your new followers

Know exactly how many new followers you earned from each campaign.

Compare conversions

Quickly identify poorly performing keywords using the conversion rates to compare.

Start growing your business

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